Flashback Friday

Ages ago Gregory and I were featured on Design*Sponge for our headboard made out of rough cut wood that was milled by Greg's father from fallen down trees after Hurricane Katrina.  The wood was first used for a holiday display at Anthropologie while I was working there on the visual team. Afterwards, we took the wood home and transformed it into what is now our headboard. 
Check out the full story on Design*Sponge

Since then, we tried our hand once again at headboard making- this time with Alder wood.  With the help of Amanda Helm, we laid out the wood pattern one rainy afternoon.  After the pattern was set, Greg and his father spent several days in his workshop making it into a well crafted work of art. 
More than anything I think they enjoyed the their time together working with their hands to make something. Greg always tells me stories of how his father taught him how to use a tool or how they made something together when he was a kid-I hope he passes that tradition down to our Oliver.
You should see his fathers workshop..talk about jealous!
I'm proud of my fellow. He is pretty handy.