It's the end of the day and I feel like I just finished a marathon. Phew! We are so busy at work sending out press kits, updating our website with new jewelry, and getting ready for market next week there is hardly a moment to breathe.  It's a good feeling though!

Here are a couple of shots I did today for the website
Make sure you check it out!
Don't get any ideas though...that anchor ring is mine!!!



I began this blog, WORKSHOP, to sort of archive all of the different projects - past and present- I have going on at home and at work. It seems like I am always remodeling a room or concocting some sort of display (big or small) for our retail store. Whatever it is, there is always something going on.

More than all of that, I began WORKSHOP in hopes of it being just that-a place for artists to come together and work together to create. I am lucky to be acquainted with such a talented group of people who are always inspiring me with their art. Which of you would like to be a part of my first WORKSHOP?  Heck.. I don't even have to know you.  Have an idea and want to work together? Let's make it happen!

WORKSHOP 1  coming soon.....