Found: 1940's Handmade Toolbox

 I'm always excited when I find a new treasure-especially one with a really great story.  I usually have a really hard time committing to buy things for my home but most of the things I do have, all typically have some sort of story to go along with them.  For some reason that makes me feel like I am making a real investment - whether it's in the past or the future I'm not sure.    

Today's find was this handmade toolbox from the 1940's.  I love that someone took the time to make  the whole thing...the dividers, handle, and latch... instead of just buying a toolbox.  Sometimes I feel like I long for that sort of care and craft.  It reminds me of the documentary Alone in the Wilderness - check it out on YouTube...this guy is impressive.

I can't wait to supply my new box with necessary provisions and see where it takes me.