Iron Lady

A few weeks ago I posted on my process for trend research and planning out concepts for a  new season- how it helped us plan for buying for home and apparel, plan for  display, etc. I introduced you then to our first fall concept, Girls Guide (my personal favorite).
Now, I present to you Iron Lady

 She always always has heels on. She prides herself on being at the forefront of fashion (Rodarte and Alexander McQueen are her favorites). You can usually find her on the corner of 7th Ave at the Garage with a cocktail sketching her latest designs on a napkin. The walls of her 600 sq ft NYC apt are lined with sketches, trims, and fabrics in hopes of someday becoming the perfect dress. Her standard poodle, Sterling,  is her very best friend and they always have matching nails (Chanel Black Pearl). Her favorite place to shop is her grandmothers closet- who knew Grandma Lilly was so chic!? On her iPod, she usually has the Yeah Yeah Yeahs blaring while she walks the city streets. She is tone deaf but that doesn't keep her from belting out her favorite tunes! This jet-setter always walks around with a passport in her bag...just in case.  This girl is sweet but do not be mistaken.... she owns a black bra!
I loved your input last time! Now, do it again... Tell me more about our budding fashion designer Iron Lady!