Plaster Flower Wall

Most people assume because of what I do that the walls of my home must be decked with artwork. I am here to tell you it is quite the opposite. I change the layout of my house practically with every season. If  I started putting holes in the walls and moving those things too I am pretty sure Gregory would not be too happy with me. It suits me just fine... I like a really simple palette.
It makes it easier to move things around.  I move things.... a lot. Did I mention that?

One of the few things I do have decorating my walls is my plaster flower wall installation.  My house is a fairly standard house built in the 1980's so, I am always looking for ways to bring in textures and give it some soul. These plaster flowers grace the walls of our humble little dining room. As with the design of most of our home, it's style is a juxtaposition of clean modern lines and really worn, well loved pieces. I have a tendency to like..or love.. really masculine things when it comes to design but here is my one homage to femininity. Check.