16 Brands You Need To Know In Austin, Texas

SXSW is on the horizon and we know you are already dusting off your favorite boots. So, if you are heading to Austin for the music or just ready to ride the wave of energy in the city, we put together this list of brands and makers you should check out while you are there. 

Theis Raifford

 Justin “Raif” Raiford grew up traveling the world with his family where he got to experience many different cultures, cuisines and landscapes. Living in different countries Raif's mother often times had to make things from scratch that they couldn’t get such as clothing, crafts and other comforts that reminded them of home. This always interested Raif and a passion for how things worked and how they were made was born. His passion for knowledge lead him to culinary arts school where he found himself researching ingredients and where they were from. As a chef his passion for ingredients greatly influenced his dishes and what he created in the kitchen. With success in the culinary arts field he started to research the ingredients in everyday products. Wanting a simple more natural product he started to create his own products that looked visually pleasing and had benefits for the skin, hair and body.      

The Good Hippie

The Good Hippie™ is a small-batch, natural, artisan line of skincare + beauty, handcrafted in Austin, Texas. They believe the ritual of the bath and daily skincare routine should be a time of indulgence. A time to breathe deeply, and nurture the body and mind.

They know that real ingredients produce real results. It is with this intention that they source the highest quality, therapeutic-grade, freshest, most vibrant gifts of the Earth to inspire their products.

Their formulas are concentrated, containing only ingredients that have been carefully selected for their beneficial properties and ability to enhance, nourish, and protect.

Fortitude Provisions

Fortitude Provisions was established in 2014 by Ray Delgadillo, a multi-disciplinary designer obsessed with the olfactory experience. After reading Mandy Aftel‘s Essence and Alchemy, Ray started collecting hundreds of raw materials and aroma chemicals to compose fragrances for himself. This process triggered a paradigm shift in Ray’s life, viewing scent as a fundamental part of living, and disregarding the accepted standards of commercial perfumery.

Humble Goods

Humble Goods is located in Austin, Texas providing Handcrafted Leather Goods. The company was started by Andrew Soderlind in early 2014 with the goal to provide quality goods with simple styling, yet made to last.

Much thought goes into every aspect of the company. Having a distinct vision in mind to start with high quality materials sourced from the U.S. in effort to put out the best end product. Humble Goods is dedicated to finding the highest quality and ethically made materials as local as possible.

Slow North

Michelle Simmons is the co-founder of Slow North, a small-batch, all-natural candle and home goods maker. Michelle and her husband, Jonathan, created their first candles as the solution to an unsuccessful search for clean and healthy products. Prior to starting Slow North, Michelle studied entrepreneurship and worked in sales. While Michelle was pregnant with their son, the need for safe alternatives settled at the forefront of her mind; and from that focus a company was born. Michelle continues to expand the business and plans to turn this backyard operation into a full artisan-focused storefront with a retail shop that just opened in August!

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Era Ceramics

Era Ceramics is the sum of a decade of two people growing and learning together – a studio where we bring our collective skills and love for the material to the table. They use clay as the material, but the work is the culmination of two minds and tastes and two sets of hands.

Miranda Bennett 

MIRANDA BENNETT STUDIO is a collection of modern, plant-dyed apparel made in the USA. They dye our textiles in-house with natural pigments and cut, process and ship their apparel from our Austin, Texas studio. Their locally-based manufacturing partners are paid living wages and are made up of both recent and long term refugees to the Austin area.

The MBS design ethos is based on thoughtful simplicity. Dyed primarily with plant-derived materials, including extracts of various wood varieties, pomegranate rind and natural indigo, they are now laying the groundwork for agricultural partnerships that will lead to seasonal hues for thier collection that are representative of the ecology of the Texas Hill Country.

Ft. Lonesome

Fort Lonesome Camp and Custom garments are herded into the stable by Kathie Sever, who, during her time as the designer of the children’s clothing line Ramonster, came to the conclusion that there had to be a clientele for clothing born of a mindfulness the manufacturing industry has by and large chosen not to cultivate.

Transitioning from manufacturing en masse to focusing on one garment at a time has allowed for the return to the kind of hyper-attention to detail that is impossible to recreate in a production situation – the symbiotic creation that is born from the collaboration of the client and the maker. The choices; each made specific to the moment, the person, and the desire.

Land Boys

In 2011, Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes partnered to found the Austin-based design studio and creative consultancy LAND. LAND has since garnered international attention and built a reputation for helping build and maintain some of the most influential brands in the world. Distinguishable by a unique blending of art, design and idealism, LAND works to use visual communication as a tool to transcend style and time.

West Third Brand

Renowned for their handcrafted, limited batch aromas, West Third Brand has formulated sophisticated quality driven scents since 2008. A key player in the world of niche fragrance, each scent, each aroma, one from the next is an easy-to-wear, minimalist blend, of earthy botanicals that evokes the brand’s quintessential American style.

Founder and creative director, Michael Loring Probst shares “creating fragrances in the classical sense in the way we do takes time. Everything is created, bottled, labeled by the touch of human hands. Our craft is a labor of love, a personal journey, it’s our heart on our sleeves, our desire to share, our vulnerability exposed. Fragrance building takes time, nurturing, patience, endurance, and most times, many, many tries before the definitive product is born. It can take months to develop a single fragrance and once we do.... we celebrate!”

Hand crafted in W3B’s Hill Country Studio (tucked between wineries and craft distilleries) just outside Austin, TX.

esby apparel

esby apparel was founded in 2014 by designer, Stephanie Beard, and features quality clothing for women & men with menswear mentality - and by menswear mentality, they mean they like to buy well-made clothes and wear them often. esby apparel is proudly made here in the USA of high quality fabrics sourced world-wide. Their clothing is fit to flatter with an emphasis on comfort and wearability.


Nina Berenato

Even after 6 years in business, each piece of Nina Berenato’s collection still touches the designer’s hands. From her humble beginnings as a metalsmith’s apprentice in Brooklyn to gracing the pages of Vogue, W, Cosmopolitan, MTV and outfitting fashion forward celebrities like Alicia Keys, Lena Dunham, FKA Twigs and Lady Gaga, it’s obvious that Nina walks through life with her eyes open, bringing a one of a kind vision to each design.

A large part of Nina Berenato's brand identity rests on the designer's goal to use her gift for design to make all women feel powerful, beautiful and capable of anything.

Since opening up her first retail store location in Austin, TX inside of a re-furbished 1959 Airstream Bambi in 2016, Nina has become a fixture in Austin’s growing maker community. 

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These scarves are born in Paiges tiny studio in Austin, Texas, out of construction paper cutouts. Reproducing this work on silk transcends the two-dimensional originals, yielding the ability to manipulate and experience the art in infinite, utilitarian ways. They are all printed in limited editions and hand hemmed.

Settle Ceramics

Settle is about making the everyday beautiful for your kitchen and home. The work is made with intent to become family heirlooms that are cherished. Each piece is hand thrown and glazed with care. 

Settle is the creation of Samantha Heligman, a working artist living in the Austin Area. She has been working in clay for nearly 10 years and crafting since she was a child. After attending Savannah College of Art and Design where she received a BFA in Painting and Photography, she spent the better part of 2 years working at a clay studio and perfecting her wheel throwing skills. She now works out of The Moon Collective in Austin, where she crafts pieces for Settle.

Canoe Goods

Natalie Davis launched Canoe in 2009 with a mission to resurrect the timeless material of leather with a contemporary approach. Through design concepting, development, and final installation, Natalie works with clients in order to ensure that every Canoe piece brings simplicity and beauty to their spaces.

La Abeja Herbs

A nomad's apothecary, La Abeja Herbs is a dream realized, for herbalist and folk healer, Sophia Rose. Sophia is softness and strength. She is fierce and loving honesty, quiet curiosity. She is a woman who listens closely to the singing of the Earth’s Spirit and  shares the beauty of all that she hears in her work with plants and people. Through La Abeja, Sophia offers New and Full Moon ceremonies, crafts a host of wild medicines and apothecary goods, holds space for  flower essence and herbal wellness consultations, and teaches classes on topics including women's medicine, folk herbalism, and wild foods.