Red Clouds Collective: Quality goods for people who care

Red Clouds Collective is all about working hard and playing even harder. Our products are inspired by our daily lives and we put everything to the test. We truly love going on adventures with our friends, so when our pals at @ohdark30productions pitched us a great idea for a film that involved swimming, riding dirt bikes, and shooting guns, we immediately packed our gear and headed out. Take a look at what we've been up to when we're not handcrafting goods in the shop.

Tell us about any new products coming out...

We are always developing new items as they are needed in our lives. Sometimes it is a new wallet and other times it is a new style of pants and fabrics. We create as things are called into our everyday necessity, we don’t have seasonal lines of products; we truly try to create products that serve a purpose with durable material and the function and fashion will allow them to stand the test of time. Just honest products for hard working and adventurous people who care about where and how their products are made.

Do you have a key product in your line? What's the customer favorite?

We have a few main categories of products. Waxed Canvas Goods and Leather Accessories are definitely the two main categories, but within each of them there are so many little items for everyone.
When we started in 2012 we were focused on leather accessories and waxed canvas backpacks, but as the years have passed our interest to produce high quality clothing has grown and our customers attention has also supported this direction.

How does culture influence your product?

We all need things that will last and that are made with care and attention to detail. This has become something that more people are becoming aware of. It is a simple fact that if you buy something that is made well you will not need to replace it again and again. 

What events do you hit every year?

Each year we build a custom motorcycle for an exhibition called The One Moto, which takes place in Portland, Oregon. It allows us to show off our craftsmanship to a wider audience and it a blast to design and build a motorcycle with all of the details considered. 
We also love going to Desert and Denim and joining the community of makers that has been built around over the past few years by that event. 

When you think of Red Clouds you think of…..

Quality goods for people who care. We care about the materials, function and the life of the product and we hope after you own something that we have made for a number of years you will understand. We make these things out of love and the need for creating a standard of better quality.