Makers Workshop Store x Coming Soon!


They say good things take time. We like to believe there's a lot of truth to that phrase, which is why we've spent these past few months devoting our time and energy to our brand new Makers Workshop online store! That's right, we're launching a store. We want to bring you the quality handcrafted goods we love from the makers we trust and admire. 

We believe in buying less, but investing in goods that will last. We carefully select all of our products from makers all over the world who work hard to perfect their processes and craft and deliver the best goods to you.

In this endeavor, we learned that building a store is no small feat. Late nights and long hours have become quite familiar, as they often do with a new project or idea. To be honest, we've approached this store from a few different angles, taking the best bits and pieces and bringing them together to build a store we're proud of...and one we hope you enjoy, too! 

The talent and skill that radiates from the maker community never gets old. In fact, it gets better every day. We feel fortunate to have a group of makers who create everything from jewelry to handmade leather goods and denim help us launch our Makers Workshop store. Launch day will feel like a celebration of all of the work and brands that inspired us and echoed the heart of our mission:

To inspire and embrace, to uphold integrity, and to seek out quality in everything from our boots to everyday living. 

We'll keep you updated on the Makers Workshop store as its launch draws near because we're pretty much too excited not to! If you're a maker and we've piqued your curiosity with this announcement, email us for more information about becoming a part of the Makers Workshop store.