This November

A few years ago I received a phone call from a man I had never met. I settled on my bed, listened, and wondered what it was that this stranger on the other end of the line wanted with me. At the time, I was suffering from paralyzed hands and constantly struggling with pain. I heard the voice on the other end say, "I understand." He told me his own story and in that space- we became friends. 

I'm not quite sure when or how it happened but soon we were sending each other songs all the time. "Check your inbox, there's a really good dance one!" or "Have you heard the new album from so-and-so?" Maybe that's just how we get by he and I. Maybe he just has realllly good taste in music.  

So, this November I wanted to share a playlist made by my dear friend, Bryan. I hope his music fuels your spirit as much as it has mine. You can listen on Spotify HERE.

Bryan Norris is the founder of Forager CoForager co. is a handmade small batch clothing and leather goods company, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They design and produce utilitarian products and incorporate foraged vintage and historic textiles, old stock denim and salvaged leather.



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