Desert and Denim II

An international carnival of makers, designers, musicians and ground-breaking brands.

Join us!

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In February the folks at Juniper Ridge are doing it again! But this time it's going to be bigger and badder than before. And there is a way for you to join in on the raucous too. There is a KICKSTARTER campaign to keep this trade show going and alive. WHY? Because something this scale costs a lot of money. And because we need something as good as this. A place where we feel like we can properly represent our brands....where we can stand out...where we can build community, our tribe....and reflesh our maker bones a bit in the process. Because as our friend Mats says, "selling doesn't have to feel like prostitution." 

Check out their Kickstarter. It's a good way to get some rad deals in the process too!

Desert & Denim is the world’s premier, renegade men's denim and accessories trade show. An international maker's carnival of designers and ground-breaking brands will gather for two days in the desert, discussing what’s next in the world of men’s apparel around the bourbon campfire until the early hours of the morning. We’ve invited only the best of the new wave of men’s rugged, high quality, workshop-made clothes and accessories, and what has happened as a result is the emergence of a new kind of tribe, a new kind of community.

Desert & Denim is going to be at eco chic Mojave Sands Motel in Joshua Tree, CA on February 17th & 18th, 2016.

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