This year I've been falling in love again with Louisiana. I have lived here my entire life and most of that was spent in preparation for a move to some other state...any state that was not here. When I realized that I was not going anywhere any time soon, I knew that I could either hate my experience or open my eyes to what was around me. So, when I finally did open my eyes, man! was I in for a shake-up your life kind of ride that I was not expecting. There was beauty and mystery and loss and story unlike anything else. Each one of those words seems so very vague; Beauty for example... by beauty I mean spanish moss, hand-painted wallpaper from the 18th century, bousillage, wisteria in March, cypress knees in a liquid forest, the smell of honeysuckle in the air, the thick summer night air and the many ways you try and stay cool, the stories your grandmother told you about jazz, the way everyone comes together, the way everyone can't stay apart, and the slowness of it all that allows you to take it all in. 

And I want to drink it all in. 


Chelsey Nichol from Type A Press came to visit earlier this month and I played tour guide to some of my favorite Louisiana destinations on and off the beaten path. It was nice to experience my home through a tourists eyes and revisit places I had not seen in many years. I challenge you all to be a tourist in your own home every once in a while. Fall in love with where you are. Dig in.